Boom mowers TP Series

TP610 (Classic)

Decespugliatrici idrauliche TP51 Farm
Estensione max.orizzontale
Potenza trattrice
70 ÷ 90 HP
Peso min. trattrice
7050 lbs
Larghezza min. trattrice
Peso macchina
2094 lbs
Potenza rotore
35 HP
Potenza impianto Idraulico
45 HP
Angolazione testata
Capacità di taglio max
1 3/4"
The new TP Boom Mower generation is designed to deliver superior performance and durability compared to industry standards.
The TP series models are available in the 15'9" and 19'5" outreach versions and offer a wide range of accessories and options that increase versatility and allow users to perfectly meet their work needs.
Designed for farmers, medium-sized farms and local vegetation maintenance operators, the new TP reach mowers generation are of a heavy duty design with reliable cast iron pumps and motor.
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container 712 usa

DSR - Double Sense of Rotation

Standard equipment on all reach mowers.
container 723 usa

SAB - Roll-over protection system

Automatic roll-over protection when the first arm exceeds 90° in vertical position.
container 1076 usa

LFA - Lift Float Accumulator (optional)

(lift float on the 1st arm by accumulator) Permits the engagement and disengagement of the lift float on the 1st arm.
container 736 usa

“DELTA BOX” frame

In consideration of the stress the reach mowers are subjected to during work, Ferri developed a new concept of frame, called «DELTA BOX» made of two sheet walls, which are laser-cut and joined with formed steel. The whole is welded on a robotized system; the structural design achieved is extremely light weight and strong.
container 744 usa


Hydraulic breakaway system on power slew ram through a max. relief valve (protection of arms in case of hitting against obstacles).
Sistema floating
Rotazione idraulica bracci
Supporto girevole
Serbatoio pressurizzato
36 gal
Elementi stampati per le articolazioni dei bracci
Elementi stampati per le articolazioni della testata
Scambiatore di calore in alluminio con termostato
Barra luci
Impianto idraulico
Impianto idraulico indipendente
Impianto idraulico a ingranaggi
Attacco a slitta ATT/4
Pompa idraulica azionamento rotore in ghisa
Motore idraulico in ghisa
Controtelaio interno
Rotore elicoidale “OVERLAP” a doppia elica con coltelli sovrapposti
Rullo regolabile in altezza
Protezioni della testata in gommatela antiabrasione
Valvola di blocco in trasporto della rotazione supporto girevole
Kit antiribaltamento bracci
Tenditori di fissaggio alla trattrice
Attacco “Delta” snodato
container 24102 usa

CLASSIC - Cable controls

Reliability and simply use. Standard on all machines Classic.
container 911 usa
container 926 usa

TI 120

Flail head suitable for reach mowers with gear hydraulic system and cast iron motor with direct drive. “OVERLAP” rotor with 2 spiral rows.
Cutting width: 3’11”
Weight: 463 lbs
Max cutting diameter: 1 3/4’’
container 21192 usa

TR 13

Cutter bar
Cutting width: 51’’
Max cutting diameter: 3 1/4’’
container 21193 usa

TR 22

Cutter bar
Working width: 87’’
Max cutting diameter: 3 1/4’’
container 21189 usa

FF 45

Ditch cleaner.
Working width: 18’’
container 882 usa

CS 150

Cutter bar for hedges.
Working width: 59’’
Max cutting diameter: 1/2’’
container 884 usa

CSP 150

Cutter bar for hedges
Working width: 59’’
Max cutting diameter: 1/2’’
container 21188 usa

SE 31

Blower recommended in works along roads in order to clean the pavement and ground from the debris.
Airflow output: 90mc/min

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