Hydraulic reach mowers TKD Series


Decespugliatrici idrauliche TKD
Max horizontal reach
6,10 m
Tractor power
110 ÷ 130 HP/PS
Min. tractor weight
4600 kg
Min. tractor width
2,40 m
Flail head forward
2,45 m
1755 kg
Rotor power
84 HP/PS
Power of hydraulic system
90 HP/PS
Flail head angle
Max Cutting width
8 cm
The hydraulic reach mower of the TKD series have been designed for a highly professional use. Consequently the quality and reliability of each single component chosen reflects the need to serve a” professional “use. One example is the closed circuit piston hydraulic system, the coupling of the pumps with a high torque worm gearbox; cemented and hardened pins and bushes, and abrasion resistant hydraulic pipes. The TKD series features a movable “parallelogram” mechanism which can hydraulically move the second arm 245 cm forward and consequently the position of the flail head. This feature allows the professional operator to maneuver the machine without having to turn around and look backwards, thus providing considerable comfort to the operator. The position of the pivoting bracket moves the center of gravity of the machine in an optimal position for greater stability and better driving comfort.
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DSR - Double Sense of Rotation

Standard equipment on all reach mowers.

PSS - Power Slew Security

Designed to exclude the accumulator on the power slew ram (when working on a hillside).

SRA - self-return system

In case of hydraulic break away, an accumulator controlled auto reset valve allows the automatic return of the arm into the working position.

SAB - Roll-over protection system

Automatic roll-over protection when the first arm exceeds 90° in vertical position.

BMS - Variable forward reach

Designed to move the flail head from standard to forward position, always keeping the flail head parallel to the ground.

LFA - Lift Float Accumulator

(lift float on the 1st arm by accumulator) Permits the engagement and disengagement of the lift float on the 1st arm.

EFS - Electronic Floating System

It permits the flail head to follow the ground contours in an effective way. The weight will be tranferred to the tractor, decreasing the friction during work and at the same time increasing working speed.

“DELTA BOX” frame

In consideration of the stress the reach mowers are subjected to during work, Ferri developed a new concept of frame, called «DELTA BOX» made of two sheet walls, which are laser-cut and joined with formed steel. The whole is welded on a robotized system; the structural design achieved is extremely light weight and strong.
Floating Head system
twin cylinders positioned on 1st arm
High Performance cast iron gear box
Power slew
Provision for rear mounted flail head
Pivoting bracket
Pressurized oil tank
120 L
Drop forged arm brackets
Parts made out of WELDOX 700 steel
Oil Cooler with thermostat
Oil cooler in Alluminum with thermostat
Hour meter
Bumper with illumination system
Hydraulic system
Totally independent hydraulic system
ATT/4 sliding braket
Piston hydraulic system (closed circuit)
Universal Axle Bracket
Cast iron hydraulic pump servicing the rotor
Cast iron hydraulic motor
Flail head
Double skin
“OVERLAP” with double rows spiral rotor
Rotor balancing on side flanges
Single toothed belt drive
Adjustable rear roller
Rear roller HD
Front and rear abrasion resistant guard for flail head
Replaceable skids
Block valves to lock the pivoting bracket during transfer
Kit to avoid arm overturn

SC TRONIC “Dual” - Two-section Load Sensing proportional electrical control. With CAN-Bus technology

The SC (Speed Criterions) Dual control gives you the ability to select different boom operating modes depending on the type of work you need to do. The joystick controls the proportional function of the first and second booms. The rotation of the booms and tilting of the head are are proportional functions driven by “roller” controls on the joystick. There are also buttons on the joystick that handle extension (for telescopic models) and the floating head system. In the detached section of the console, the buttons control the rotor, boom suspension, the ignition of the nitrogen accumulator for automatic return to the working position and the Electronic Floating System EFS for suspension of the head.

TNP 125

Professional Flail head suitable for reach mowers with piston hydraulic system in closed circuit and toothed belt drive motor. “OVERLAP” rotor with 2 spiral rows. Heavy Duty Roller (HD).
Cutting width: 1,25 m
Weight: 315 Kg
Max cutting diameter: 8 cm

TNP 1600

Professional Flail head suitable for reach mowers with piston hydraulic system in closed circuit and toothed belt drive motor. “OVERLAP” rotor with 2 spiral rows. Heavy Duty Roller (HD).
Cutting width: 1,60 m
Weight: 345 Kg
Max cutting diameter: 2,5 cm

TR 13

Cutter bar
Cutting width: 1,30 m
Max cutting diameter: 8 cm

TR 22

Cutter bar
Working width: 2,20 m
Max cutting diameter: 8 cm

SE 31

Blower recommended in works along roads in order to clean the pavement and ground from the debris.
Airflow output: 90mc/min

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